There's panic at the Hopes when news of Ashley's sudden departure filters through, leaving no-one to conduct the Christening. However, there's good news when the Bishop steps in at the last minute. However, as one problem is solved, another crisis emerges when he's horrified to discover that Kelly's picture has been used on Dawn's new headstone. He is further mortified when he realises that the mistake is all his fault and when forced to hand over the Christening money to rectify the error. Meanwhile, as Laurel keeps vigil at the hospital, it transpires that whilst her dad Doug is making progress, her mum Hilary remains in a coma. Back at the village, Scarlett seems to be making progress with Daz when he invites her round to teach her how to use her MP3 player. However, when she realises she already has plans with her mum that evening, she invites a reluctant Daz for a meal with the two of them at The Woolpack. His mood soon changes though when he realises Louise will be joining them.


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