Amos makes a kind gesture to Frankie by refusing to let her pay for staying. Meanwhile, Henry proves that they own the top field but Gerald tells them he wants £10,000.


Donald gets Henry to stand in for him at the sponsored walk while he flies to Athens. Lena offers to give him a lift to the airport. Dolly asks Henry if she can have her old job back in The Woolpack. Frankie arrives back to collect her things. She tells Henry and Amos that the painting was an Italian renaissance piece that Oswald painted over. She explains that her client will set about removing the overpainting to see if it is a Caravaggio, which they predict it is. Amos passes on the news to George and Charlotte. Henry is irked with George's attitude when he presents him the proof that they are tenants of the top meadow. Sam realises that he mentioned to Jacob one day that he should let George know they were using his wasteland but never realised they had struck a tenancy agreement. He realises that the bottle of whiskey every seedcut night must have been their payment. Gerald meets with the Sugdens and tells them that he would expect £10,000 for them to buy the land. He apologises for their inconvenience and Charlotte explains that they're experiencing financial difficulty themselves. Matt offers to put his £6,000 in but Henry tells him he won't need to. At the sponsored walk gathering, Gerald breaks the news to the village about the sale of the Verney estate. The sponsored walk gets underway as both the Verneys and Frankie leave. Amos refuses to let Frankie pay for her stay at The Woolpack on the condition that she is Marian's friend. She gives him a peck on the cheek and leaves. Dolly decides to put her plans of moving out of the farm on hold.


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