Eli is annoyed when Debbie refuses to give him the promised commission for his part in their latest scam. Debbie is furious when Eli enters The Woolpack wearing Scott’s suit and threatens to pay a visit to Viv in the post office, if he doesn’t get his commission. Later when the two share a drink at Tug Ghyll, Debbie agrees to pay him, but not all at once. The tension rises as Eli moves in for a kiss. Elsewhere, Eric realises that it’s only a matter of time before David leaves with the money and becomes increasingly agitated and cancels the girls’ lunch hour. Del reacts angrily and David panics that things are getting too heated between the two. When the cheque arrives for their house, Pearl is filled with renewed vigour for organising the wedding of her dreams. She is determined to have the works, including bridesmaids, but is left unsettled when Edna shows a distinct lack of enthusiasm.


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