Eric makes comment to David that he and Del seem very pally considering he sacked her from the factory only the day before. Whilst David brews up, Eric takes the opportunity to sneak a look in his pocket at the printout he saw him hastily secret there, and is devastated to see two flight tickets booked in Del and David's names. Meanwhile, conscious that her time in the village is coming to an end, Del takes the opportunity to tell Chas how much she likes her. Sharp as a tack, Chas is immediately suspicious and accuses her of doing a flit. Meanwhile, Edna asks Viv if Scott’s made his return, as she thought she heard him and Debbie laughing in the cottage the night before. Viv immediately accuses Debbie of entertaining men behind his back and when she clocks Eli wearing Scott's T-shirt the penny drops. Edna can't hide her unease at the upcoming wedding between Pearl and Len. When Rodney warns Andy about the amount of money Butlers Farm owes Home Farm, Jo gets him to give them more time by pitching her goat project.


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