Louise spends a restless night before deciding to confront Hari at the surgery. His answers don't convince and when Louise reveals she's not going ahead with her evidence after all, Hari loses his cool. A vicious fight breaks out which only ends when Paddy appears and pulls Hari off Louise. With blood streaming from her head Louise runs and jumps in the car to Hotten, revealing to Scarlett her intentions to speak to the police. In a bid to stop Hari pursuing her, Scarlett jumps in his car, but unperturbed, he puts his foot down. Louise speeds up to get away, but her car fails to turn around a corner, sending her up the side of a hill. The car slides on its side across the road before landing back on four-wheels, before smashing into a tree. Hari and Scarlett rush over to an unconscious Louise, and Scarlett calls an ambulance. Will she survive? Elsewhere Viv throws herself into pageant preparations with an obsession that concerns Emily, Donna and Jamie. Ever aware that Viv's missing her Winston Churchill, her problems are soon solved and Jamie's concern grows when he finds out who the willing replacement is. Meanwhile, Alan announces that his mystery celebrity guest is safely ensconced on the train over, but is disappointed by the lack of excitement his booking is generating. However, the villagers are soon singing his praises when the star is revealed.


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