Matthew continues to harass Jimmy, convinced he's the guilty brother. Carrie meets up with Scarlett and they head for court in time to hear the brothers plead "not guilty" to conspiracy to murder. But a shocking revelation from outside the court turns the case on its head. Meanwhile, as Louise's life hangs in the balance Hari keeps guard at her bedside with the intention of keeping her quiet if she regains consciousness. Scarlett appears and accuses Hari of causing the crash. When the police also appear at the hospital Hari gets nervous. Elsewhere, the pageant gets underway as Lisa and Viv prepare to lock horns, Alan formally introduces celebrity Katherine Jenkins to the villagers. There's soon friction on the floats resulting in a rampaging pig and a flame-engulfed float. Meanwhile, during the beauty contest, the catfight of all catfights between Jo and Katie throws the event into even more madness. Meanwhile, Sandy heads back inside the village hall to bring Len a drink. Sandy thinks Len is asleep and tries to wake him until he checks Len's pulse and realises he had died. Sandy, knowing it is too late, tells a shocked Pearl. An ambulance arrives to take Len's body away while Pearl tried to contemplate her loss in private and Sandy comforts Betty and Edna. As news of Len's death spreads around the village, Len's body is driven away in an ambulance whilst Katherine Jenkins sings him out, although as she was closing the pageant, unaware of the death that had occurred in the village.


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Memorable dialogue

Carl King: "You've got the wrong one! It's me you should be hitting! It was me, Matt! I killed dad!"

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