Sam is annoyed that David has arrived in the village, whilst David is shocked to discover Jacob is dead. Meanwhile, worries arise for Winn as someone comes round to discuss their tenancy.


Harvest time brings problems for Joe when the combine harvester breaks down and Nicky Groves doesn't turn up to help him on the farm. David Annersley and his daughter Pru arrive in Beckindale for a holiday, they watch the Sugdens from a distance. Winn Groves is concerned when she receives a letter saying somebody from Mason's will be visiting them to discuss their tenancy. David and Pru bump into Joe and Nicky. Joe's intrigued when David clearly knows the family but doesn't let on who he is. In The Woolpack, David overhears that Annie is coming to see Henry later that night. Annie gets a shock when an irritable Sam breaks the news to the family that David is back in the village. Nicky visits Henry to get advice, believing that Mason's will be attempting to evict them from the farm. Henry offers to read through his lease for him. Winn talks to Joe about their letter from Mason's. David finds out that Jacob is dead when he runs into Matt.


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