Jamie lures Viv to the park and she is horrified to be confronted by Bob. Egged on by the mysterious Errol, Bob pours his heart out to Viv and begs her for another chance. When he realises that Eddie lied to keep them apart Bob is furious but Viv tells him it's over. She returns to the village with Bob and Errol in hot pursuit. Bob turns to say farewell to his companion but finds he has vanished. Entering The Woolpack, Bob decks Eddie and pledges his love for Viv. Meanwhile, Jo struggles with her reputation as troublemaker and complains to Andy that Katie has escaped blame for the pageant fiasco. Desperate to sever Andy's ties with his wife, Jo announces she's made an appointment for him to see a divorce lawyer. Elsewhere, Eric fumes when he is hit by a mud pie thrown by the Dingle kids. He warns Marlon to control them before making his retreat. After showing the kids around the building site, Marlon and Donna meet with the social worker. She informs them that the kids are settling with their foster parents and has concerns about moving them.


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