Jo continues to struggle with her isolation in the village but brightens when Andy tells her he's brought the solicitor's appointment forward. Later, when Jack witnesses another stand-off between Katie and Jo in the café he urges Andy to do something. Andy asks Katie for a divorce, but Jo is narked to see them together in The Woolpack. After another argument, Jo shocks the pub by announcing her engagement to Andy. Also, Eric is embarrassed when Donna pulls him over for speeding. He slyly tries to bribe her but instead she takes him down to the police station. After receiving a warning for the attempted bribe, Donna enrages Eric further by processing his traffic offences. A smug McNally witnesses Eric leaving the station and prepares a story, to Eric's chagrin. Meanwhile, Viv is unwilling to let Bob back into his comfort zone. Eddie offers his brother an apology, but Bob insists he should leave them alone. Later, Viv decides she needs some space and asks Bob to move in with Jamie. Bob is hurt but agrees and after Eddie says his goodbyes to the village, Bob declares he will rebuild his relationship with Viv.


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