Edna sees Alan, Danny, Marc and Tara on the morning of Len's funeral and shocks them by saying that she won't be attending the funeral. However, as the congregation later gathers, the tension rises when Edna does in fact make an appearance. Pearl makes an emotional speech, and as the villagers toast Len's memory, she is vexed to find Edna alone at his graveside. Furious, Pearl confronts her and the two argue. Meanwhile, Daz is delighted to have his dad back in the village. The ex-con is thrilled with his new job at the garage and when Val offers him accommodation it seems as though all his prayers have been answered. And Rodney touches Sharon's cold heart when he gives her an antique locket ahead of her wedding. Val, however, is furious with her ex for playing such a big role in the WAG wedding and snipes about the pendant's authenticity.


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