As Pearl says goodbye to Danny, a watching Eric is reprimanded by David for invoking his eviction plan so soon after Len's death. Pearl is in despair when she receives the eviction letter and when Edna kindly invites her to move back in with her, she stubbornly refuses. With the prospect of being left homeless, Pearl is close to breaking point. Over at the café, Val is full of enthusiasm ahead of Sharon's hen night but is knocked back when Sharon says she isn't having one. Not about to be denied, Val continues to make plans of devout tackiness ignoring Sharon's wish of a Wags evening at a spa. Sharon gets her wish but when she emerges the next day with a terrible hangover, she is shocked to find that Val is ready with the garish T-shirts and rabbit ears for hen night number 2 that evening. Meanwhile, Rodney rounds up a group for the evening's poker game and Gray offers Mill Cottage as a venue. However Rodney is unnerved when Dan reveals his expectations of female company at the night's event. As night progresses, Rodney is shocked by Dan's drunken behaviour and his womanising stories. When he voices his concerns to Sharon he is further stunned when she confirms that she's willing to sacrifice fidelity for a life of luxury.


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