It's the morning of Sharon’s wedding and Val is about to put a spanner in the works when she overhears Dan having a whispered phone conversation about a transfer. She enlists Jasmine to find out more and Jasmine discovers that the footballer will be leaving his current club. A blundering Val blurts out the news during the service and an astonished Sharon thinks it means he'll be on a pay cut. Dan is outraged by her mercenary attitude and jilts a gobsmacked Sharon at the altar! Gray feels sad for Perdy when Bob passes by with the twins and Perdy breaks off to dote over the babies. He realises how much Perdy would like to have a child of her own. Gray tries to tell Perdy that there are other options to becoming parents after her hysterectomy. Perdy is upset and reveals that she feels less of a woman since the operation but Gray comforts his wife and promises her that he’ll always love her, whether they have children or not. Also, Scarlett is thrilled when Daz apologises for laughing at her the previous day and even pays her a compliment! The teenager is hopeful that she's finally caught his attention.


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