David flirts with Jasmine, but an interfering Debbie can’t resist getting in on the act and after a few snide comments, sends Jasmine packing. Debbie does a little flirting of her own with a responsive David and when Lisa spots them she takes Debbie to one side and warns her that David's a womaniser. Eli promises to sort out Debbie when Lisa shares her worries, but a smug Debbie is amused that Eli is bothered about her possible attraction to David. Sharon desperately tries to smooth things over with Dan, but he won’t take any of her calls and, even worse, the wedding debacle features in the local paper – but it doesn’t even make the front page! Sharon blames all her woes on her interfering mum and Val realises she needs to grovel to her daughter. But after downing a couple of brandies for Dutch courage Val's apology comes out all wrong and she makes things even worse! Also, Jack wants Diane to get Billy out of the pub flat but Diane refuses to evict him.


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