Rosemary returns to the village from Dubai and resolves to stand her ground and move back into Home Farm. Despite Gray's serious reservations, Rosemary attempts to get back into the house, but she ends up in a violent showdown with the King brothers. Zak intervenes but Rosemary realises that she needs influential allies in the village and Gray suggests that Carrie would be a powerful friend. Val is feeling irritable when Sharon refuses to make peace with her. When Billy pops into The Woolpack for a drink, Val decides to make trouble and goes out of her way to pay him attention in a bid to wind up Eric. Eric takes the bait and loudly insults Billy. Billy resists the temptation to hit him and instead subtly puts Eric down. Jimmy and Matthew are worried about Carl's state of mind in the wake of his revelations and it's clear that it wouldn't take much for Carl to blurt out the truth to someone else. The brothers worry that Carl may reveal all to girlfriend Chas and they counsel him to dump her to avoid any more emotional pressure. Also, Perdy is left to babysit the twins; Bob books couples counselling for him and Viv.


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