Carl realises that he needs to push Chas out of his life to protect his terrible secret about the murder, but it breaks his heart to do it. Carl confronts Chas and tells her that she's a tart and a liability and he doesn't want her in his life. Chas is devastated by Carl's words as he tells her that they're finished. Val is determined to get Billy's attention now he's staying at the pub and she wanders down to breakfast in her flimsy nightwear but she's disappointed when Billy seems more interested in his toast. Val asks Diane to find out whether Billy fancies her. Diane has a jokey conversation with Billy and when Val sees them laughing she's convinced that it's a good sign. Pearl is still facing the prospect of being made homeless when Alan finds out that the equity release agreement that Len signed is watertight and there are no loopholes. Alan decides to confront the man who sold it to Len, Reg, and he gets hold of his number. Reg is flustered, but insists he can't do anything to help Pearl.


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