Carrie offers Rosemary a snippet of information on the Kings and a grateful Rosemary reveals that she bribed Hari to give a false testimony at the Kings' trial. Rosemary is outraged when Carrie reveals that she has secretly recorded their conversation and demands she leaves Home Farm immediately. Rosemary tries to make a quick exit, but badly injures herself when she falls from a balcony. Carl is moping after his split from Chas and Jimmy is worried about his state of mind. Meanwhile, a crushed Chas seeks refuge with the Dingles and has a heart-to-heart with Eli. The cousins almost kiss but are interrupted by Debbie. Bob and Viv have their first couples group therapy session but Viv makes a meal of Bob's faults to the rest of the group. Bob storms out of the session and accidentally gets locked in the toilet. A distraught Viv thinks Bob has done another runner and when he finally does turn up, she tells him that their marriage is over. Also, Val is gutted when Billy moves back in with Edna.


Regular cast

Guest cast



  • This was a one-hour episode.
  • You Cut Her Hair by Tom McRae plays during this episode's opening montage and final scenes.
  • Additional credits: Stuart St Paul (Stunt Co-ordinator), Stephanie Carey (Rosemary's double)
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,340,000 viewers (19th place).
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