Billy plans a night out with Val to take his mind off Diane and they go to the pictures. When the film is finished, Val moves in for a cheeky snog and Billy is happy to respond. The pair return to The Woolpack, Diane asks Billy how the evening went. She feels a twinge of jealousy when Billy reveals that they had a great time. Rosemary is released from hospital and she vows revenge on Carrie and the Kings for forcing her out of Home Farm. Gray takes Rosemary back to the cottage and tells a shocked Perdy that Rosemary will be staying with them for some time. Perdy is furious when Gray admits why Rosemary was evicted from Home Farm. Marlon and Donna visit a financial advisor in the hope of getting the go-ahead to get a second mortgage to buy Tall Trees Cottage, but they are given little hope. Marlon takes a day's work with Paddy at the Vet's to earn a bit more cash and when a greyhound comes into the surgery, Marlon tells a stunned Paddy that he's going to bet their savings on a dog race! Also, Kelly is offered a modelling job.


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Marlon Dingle: (to Donna Windsor-Dingle) "Tell you something, if I have five minutes alone with Pollard and the Kings, I won't be responsible for my actions."
Jack Sugden: "Make it ten and I'll join you."

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