Marlon secretly decides to bet all £3,000 from the sale of the building materials to win the £20,000 he and Donna need for a deposit. Marlon heads down to the bookies and he can hardly believe his luck when he wins. But the bookie rips him off by eating his betting slip and Marlon is left with nothing. Marlon confesses the disaster to a shocked Eli. Val is like the cat who got the cream after her successful date with Billy and she flaunts the previous night's events to everyone who will listen - including an annoyed Eric. Val convinces Billy her for some afternoon passion and another date that night. Diane looks on jealously and Jack mistakes her brooding mood for disapproval. Rosemary realises that she needs to keep on Perdy's good side if she wants a roof over her head and she apologises to her for the previous day's argument. Perdy is smug to have the upper hand over her controlling mother-in-law. Also, Kelly's modelling job is a success.


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