Perdy is starting to feel suffocated by Rosemary's presence in the house and she's furious when Gray asks Rosemary to arrange the catering for some clients instead of her. Perdy invites Paul and Jonny to the dinner party in a bid to wind up Rosemary and butts in on the catering. Rosemary is unimpressed when a stressed-out Perdy loses her cool and hurls a pan across the kitchen. Marlon worries about how to tell Donna that he's lost all of their savings, while Donna is still hopeful that they may be in with a chance to buy Tall Trees Cottage. Marlon can't bring himself to tell Donna the truth and ruin her dreams. Marlon vows to Eli that he'll return to the bookies and get what he's owed. Jo's goats milk business is in jeopardy following Rosemary's departure from Home Farm. Jack offers to buy into the business in Rosemary's stead but when the Kings discover that the contract was already in place they insist on taking control of the venture. They warn a disgruntled Jo and Andy that they expect a return on their investment. Also, Laurel's upset as Caroline calls the shots regarding their parents.


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