Gray is worried about Perdy's erratic behaviour following the trauma of her hysterectomy, especially after her outburst at the dinner party. Gray suggests that his wife try counselling, but Perdy refuses to contemplate the idea and instead insists that she can control her mood swings with tablets. Rosemary finds out about Perdy's medication and Perdy is taken aback when, instead of being her usual cutting self, Rosemary is supportive and reveals that her first husband also suffered from depression. Marlon's desperation to get his winnings from the thieving bookie increases as the auction for Tall Trees Cottage approaches and he mounts a covert operation to work out how to get it back. Eli agrees to help Marlon out, but he insists that he follow his plan and Marlon readily agrees. Sharon has another falling out with Val after her kiss-and-tell about Dan appears in the local paper, as it points out Val's inadequacies as a mother. Sharon gloats that she's got a modelling audition out of the article and a furious Val plots to force Sharon to leave The Woolpack. Also, Rodney gets a job as Home Farm estates manager.


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  • Tim, the man who jogs with Rodney is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,900,000 viewers (22nd place).
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