Nicky is desperate to leave the farming life and tries to lie his way out of it. Meanwhile, Sam is livid when he bumps into David and an argument is inevitable.


Henry wonders what to get Amos as a present. Sam's annoyed when Henry answers the phone at the farm and a man looking for Annie hangs up refusing to leave his name. Nicky chats with David and tells him he's been farming for five years and has had enough of it. He lies to him that he's a free agent. Joe asks Winn where Nicky's disappeared to as he was supposed to be helping him. Geoffrey Atwill calls into The Woolpack asking for Henry and manages to rub Amos up the wrong way. Henry's problems are solved when Amos talks to him about stars and how he wants a new telescope. Nicky picks up Pru to take her for a drink in Hotten, he lies to Winn that he's going to a finance meeting. Sam runs into David in the pub and is livid when David greets him. Sam angrily tells him Annie wants nothing to do with him and that he should leave Beckindale.


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Memorable dialogue

Henry Wilks: "Look Sam, if you'd been a Publican for twenty five years, what do you think you'd want?"
Sam Pearson: "A coffin, most like."

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