Wedding bells ring as Edward marries Frank and Janie. Meanwhile, Penny reveals to Joe that Trash became mentally unstable following an accident prior to his arrival in the village.


Joe's disappointed when Penny returns home with Jack and says she's been for a meal in Hotten and to The Woolpack with him. Penny talks about Trash with Joe, she says he had an accident and they put him in hospital, from then on he thought anyone in uniform was going to lock him up. Reverend Ruskin and Liz discuss Alison's past and he questions his faith. Amos tries to catch Alison out about what she was up to last night, she informs him that her private life is her own. She asks if she can go to Janie's wedding. Frank is preparing for the wedding when Jack arrives. Frank asks if he has the ring and Jack looks worried. Sam, Henry, Matt, Annie and Peggy leave for The Woolpack before the wedding while Joe waits for Penny to finish getting ready. Jack rushes off to a bank in Hotten where the wedding ring lies waiting. Reverend Ruskin leaves to prepare for the wedding, Alison comments to Liz that Reverend Ruskin isn't looking well. Joe drops Penny off at the church and they walk in together, the villagers stare at her. The wedding guests gather in the church and wait for Jack and Frank. Henry is the only person on Frank's side of the church and Peggy and Annie notice Ruth Merrick's absence. Jack arrives back and he and Frank rush off to the church. Janie leaves the house as the villagers comment on how lovely she looks. The wedding ceremony takes place and Frank and Janie are married.


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Sam Pearson: "You ought to teach your son some manners."
Annie Sugden: "I taught him them you taught me."

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