Marlon is rushed to hospital after the shooting and Donna is terrified that she may lose her husband, especially as her father Vic died in similar circumstances. Marlon's heart stops and the surgeons battle to revive him. Meanwhile, a devastated Eli tells Debbie what he's done and when he learns that Marlon is critical but stable, he bursts into tears. Viv is horrified when she hears the news about Marlon and rushes to the hospital to support Donna. When Lisa turns up with the Dingles, Viv is instantly hostile towards her arch-enemy, but the shock of the drama makes the two women realise that there are more important things than their feud and they find a way to reconcile. Meanwhile, Jasmine is irritated by Emily's constant presence in the house and she finds it difficult to revise. Jasmine heads off to The Woolpack to find a quiet spot to study, but she finds there's no escape when Emily arrives later on. Emily is hurt by Jasmine's snappiness and Diane gently suggests that her sudden closeness to Ashley is a little strange, but Emily can't see that there is a problem. Chas continues to struggle after her breakup with Carl.


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  • A piece of music named "Dead on Time" by Rob Ellis was created especially for this episode.
  • Rather than the music, the bumper goes out to the sound of Marlon flatlining.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,420,000 viewers (16th place).
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