Donna is overjoyed when Marlon wakes and it looks like he's going to survive the shooting. Donna is proud when Barraclough turns up and announces that Marlon is a hero as he tried to prevent a robbery. But Eli arrives at the hospital and panics when he sees Barraclough, while Marlon fudges describing the armed robber as best he can. Sharon discovers that Kelly's humiliating disaster at the DIY store was filmed by somebody and has been leaked onto the internet. Sharon deviously arranges a radio interview for Kelly, who is horrified to hear from the DJ and hangs up. Kelly is sure that her career is in tatters, but she's pleased when a magazine calls her to ask her for her side of the story and it looks like the incident may have helped rather than harmed. Viv is grateful to Bob for supporting her while Marlon was critical in hospital but she's soon back to her old ways and launches an attack on her hubby's uselessness. But she manages to bite her tongue, eventually, and instead asks Bob to come back to her and try their marriage again. Also, Chas is suspicious of Debbie's relationship with Eli.


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