Eli tries to make amends to Marlon, but Marlon is still furious with his brother, and he's forced to cover for Eli yet again when Barraclough turns up with more questions. Marlon is filled with guilt when the grateful bookie turns up to give him his winnings and Donna is disappointed to discover that Marlon went behind her back. Marlon tells Eli that he wants to tell Donna the truth about the robbery, but Eli warns Marlon that he'll destroy him if he tries to confess. Donna is delighted to have enough money for a deposit in the house auction, but she worries to Zak that Eric will try to buy Tall Trees Cottage. Zak suggests that with all the publicity about Marlon's heroism, if Jasmine wrote a story about their plight in the Hotten Courier it might help them secure the house. Jo is convinced by Paddy to go and see an experienced goat farmer for advice, but the idea backfires when the farmer sees Jo's goats and realises that they are his! Jo is stunned when he insists that she pay him for the goats and she storms off to confront Shadrach. Also, Jasmine searches for ways to avoid Emily.


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