Ashley is lonely in Mulberry Cottage with Laurel away now that Jasmine is staying with Debbie, but Emily is on hand to provide him with support. Sam is worried about Emily's obsession with the married vicar and he expresses his concerns, but Emily accuses him of being jealous. Ashley cooks Emily dinner but Sam's words have hit home and an anxious Emily makes her excuses and dashes out, leaving a confused Ashley. Jasmine's article about Marlon's heroism during the armed raid is a big success in the local paper and she's chuffed when she manages to sell the story on to the nationals. Jasmine chats to Donna about the night of the shooting and Donna is stunned when she mentions that Marlon gave her a lift to Hotten before the incident. Donna confronts Marlon about failing to tell her everything about that night and Marlon feels even more guilty. Pearl returns to the village to bad news when Alan reveals that he hasn't been able to stop her being evicted from Jacobs Fold. David feels guilty and offers to help Pearl move out. A desperate Pearl breaks down on Alan. Also, Louise and Jamie share their tales of relationship disasters.


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