Marlon and Donna prepare to battle it out on the day of the auction for Tall Trees Cottage, but they're worried that they will be outbid, despite the money they have from the bookies and well-wishers. The Dingles spread rumours amongst the punters about subsidence and hauntings in a bid to help them out, while Zak and the Dingle men tie up Eric to prevent him from bidding. Despite David's best efforts on Eric's behalf, Marlon and Donna win out, and they finally have a home of their own. Diane is disappointed when an uncomfortable Billy reveals that he won't be coming to her birthday party. The karaoke gets going and Diane's talked into a rendition of 'When I'm 64' but she's mortified when Billy walks into the pub and she halts her performance. Billy urges her to continue and their eyes lock for a moment. Terry has settled down to watch The Jeremy Kyle Show on TV but he's stunned when he sees his dad Duke is one of the guests! Louise is saddened when Duke admits to being bullied by local hooligans and suggests Terry help out, but Terry is loath to help his estranged father. Also, Jamie and Louise get passionate at Diane's party.


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Memorable dialogue

Marlon Dingle: (to Eric Pollard) "We've already spent most of our married life in the gutter. Struggling to make ends meet. Desperate. Desperate. I don't know if you've ever felt desperate, Eric. Although, I come to think of it, there was a time, wasn't there? Maybe I should've let you top yourself all them years ago. I'd certainly be a lot better off, right now, wouldn't I? So would a lot of people in this village. So, if you're gonna do it, just do it, because I am used to losing."

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