Louise is in a panic when she wakes up next to Jamie and she's paranoid that if their night of passion is found out she'll hear no end of it from the local gossipmongers. Louise forces Jamie to hide in the wardrobe when Terry calls out to her. But when Louise and Jamie are left alone they can't resist going back to bed. Diane wakes up on her birthday and is treated like a princess by Jack, who showers her with presents. Jack later takes Diane out to the casino, but she's taken aback when Val and Billy join them. Diane is touched when Billy gives her a Dusty Springfield CD and when the night is over they end up alone in The Woolpack bar. Diane's heart flutters when Billy hints at his attraction to her. Terry is prickly when Bob and Val find out about his dad being on The Jeremy Kyle Show. Bob is curious to know why Terry is so reluctant to speak to Duke but Terry is guarded, although he does reveal that Duke has no idea that he has a grandson. Bob is appalled and tells Terry that Duke has a right to know about TJ. Also, Pearl and Edna are in the dark when the bailiffs cut off the power.


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