Nicky and Win discover they are being forced to leave their house as it is being sold. Meanwhile, Annie pays David a visit to clear the air.


Amos is unhappy with Sam's outburst and he and Henry speculate on what caused it. As Amos gets close to remembering his anniversary of arriving in the village, Henry quickly changes the subject. Amos is suspicious. Joe tells Annie and Sam that he's been speaking to Pru and she said that David might be interested in buying the Verney estate. Sam and Annie realise that David must have come into money. Nicky drops Pru back at home. She informs him that her father was involved in a small plane crash where he was the only survivor and she doesn't like to leave him on his own for too long. Geoffrey arrives at Groves' Farm and tells Winn that he's there to survey the place for the next buyer. She's devastated that Masons Estates are selling the farm. Pru arrives at Emmerdale Farm for some eggs. She asks Annie if she remembers her father as he used to live in Beckindale years ago. She says she knew him very well. Amos is irritated by Geoffrey's questions in The Woolpack again, this time about Emmerdale Farm. When Amos refuses to say anything, Geoffrey passes on his business card and asks him to get Henry to phone him. As Winn despairs at the farm being sold, Nicky questions whether he and Winn have enough finance to make a go of the farm anyway. She asks him how his meeting went in Hotten and he covers saying it wasn't successful. He becomes irritated when she mentions Joe and tells her that he's not cut out for farm life and maybe it's best if they left. Joe arrives and notices Winn's upset. She explains about the farm being sold. Henry has picked a telescope from a second hand shop in Hotten as Amos's present. He shows it off to Annie, Dolly and Matt. Nicky talks to David about the plane crash he was in. Annie decides there's no point in avoiding David and arrives at Longbeck Cottage to see him.


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