Jamie and Louise can't resist each other, but agree to keep their affair clandestine and Jamie arranges a saucy rendezvous in the ice cream van with champagne and strawberries. But Louise is horrified when Donna comes across them and she swears Donna to secrecy. Jamie is hurt that Louise seems to be embarrassed about their liaisons. Diane is still acting strangely around Billy, and Gray is curious when he notices the tension between them. He questions Diane and soon works out that Billy has fallen for her. Gray suggests that Diane should choose where her loyalties lie and she confronts Billy and makes it clear that nothing can happen between them. Diane spends a cosy evening with Jack and is confident that she's done the right thing. Pearl and Edna continue their sit-in at Jacobs Fold, much to Eric's fury. Ashley tries to talk the ladies into giving up their fight, but they vow to hold firm. David suggests that Eric give Pearl a sweetener to entice her out of the house by offering her old job back at the factory. But Eric is determined to force her out and he has the plumbing tampered with. Also, Perdy is grateful when a devious Rosemary offers emotional support.


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