Pearl and Edna struggle on with their sit-in but without any electricity or water, it's clear that they'll soon have to leave the house. A guilty Eric is forced to agree to have a word with the council on Pearl's behalf but secretly pushes bailiffs Norm and Lenny to get rid of her. Pearl finally admits defeat when they manage to flood the house. Diane is finding her feelings for Billy increasingly disturbing and to put herself out of the way of temptation she tells Jack that they're going on holiday to Antigua at the end of the week! Jack doesn't see the rush but Diane is determined. Val finds out their holiday plans and, feeling hard done by, suggests to Billy that they go away, too. Gray is angry when important work documents go missing after Perdy's rearrangement of the furniture. Perdy tears the house apart looking for them but to no avail and she's confused when Rosemary locates them easily under a cushion. Perdy is miserable when an angry Gray reveals that he was forced to miss a meeting. Also, Kelly and Sharon vie for a modelling contract for Foxy Cosmetics.


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