Terry discovers that his dad Duke was attacked by local youths and guilt gets the better of him. He visits Duke's house and is alarmed to see boarded-up windows and smoke damage. Duke's neighbour Andrea reveals that Duke snapped after the kids' campaign of terror and was arrested for hitting one of them. Duke is released without charge and Terry does his duty and asks Duke to stay. Perdy is touched when Gray says sorry for his outburst the previous day and surprises her with a romantic picnic. But when Rosemary hints that the picnic was her idea, Perdy is crushed. Later, Rosemary pushes Gray to give Katie advice on her divorce, knowing it will unsettle Perdy to see Gray with the pretty Katie and her plan works perfectly. Val's nicotine withdrawal has made her irritable and she bickers with Sharon about her modelling contract. Diane accuses Val of failing to give Sharon support and Val later gets it in the neck from Paul when she snipes that he and Sharon spend too much time together. Val agrees to apologise to Sharon but they end up in another row. Also, Pearl is determined to be positive about her new start.


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