Perdy determines to go back to work at the stables, but Gray is concerned that it's too soon. Rosemary is comforting and books Perdy in to see the doctor. She fixes Perdy a drink to calm her nerves, despite Perdy's protest that she's on medication. A woozy Perdy arrives at the surgery and is told that the appointment is the following day. She returns home and crashes out but she's at a loss when Gray wakes her and points out that there's a dent in the car. Duke makes himself at home at Terry's but gets off to a bad start when he sees a picture of Dawn and remarks that she was far too young for him. Terry despairs but Duke makes a good impression on the rest of the villagers, including Bob who is pleased to meet TJ's other granddad. Val plays a prank on Sharon by putting dog hair on allergy-sufferer Sharon's dress. Sharon's audition shoot for Foxy Cosmetics is ruined as her eyes and nose are streaming. Sharon clicks that Val sabotaged her dress and she confronts her at Paul's fun-run party. Paul is horrified when their row turns into a food fight!


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