Diane is miffed when Val brags about her upcoming holiday with Billy and she's evasive when Billy later asks her how her own holiday plans are coming along. Billy is concerned when he discovers that Jack has cancelled and he makes it clear that he'd rather go on holiday with her than Val. They almost kiss, but a guilty Diane stops herself and reminds him that she loves Jack. Carrie immerses herself in the Kings' business and she's irked when she discovers that Jimmy is out in Belgium on a business trip and he's messing up what should be a simple contract. Carrie insists on going out there to sort it out and Matthew is forced to let her go with him. Terry is finding Duke's presence in the village a strain and when he sees Duke in The Woolpack spouting on about politics and crime, he makes a swift exit. Duke clocks what's going on, but he's stunned when he later gets a lecture from Louise, who tells him about Terry's trauma after Dawn's death. Duke vows to go easy on Terry from now on. Also, Perdy feels useless when Katie tells her the stables are running fine without her.


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