Kelly is outraged when Sharon gets the Foxy Cosmetics contract over her and she tells her agent Ricky he's fired. But Ricky reveals that he's got a much better deal for her and she's been signed up to be a promotions girl touring the world with a motor racing team, Team Fortissimo. Jimmy is perturbed when an excited Kelly lies to Ricky that she's a single girl when he points out that the team don't like their party girls to be attached. Kelly tells an anxious Jimmy that she still wants to marry him, but they will have to put off their plans until she gets back from the tour. Paddy gets a birthday card from Toni, and Rita is surprised to discover that it's his birthday on Sunday. Paddy insists that he doesn't want a fuss, but Rita has other plans. Rita organises a surprise party for an unsuspecting Paddy at The Woolpack and swears Diane and the others to secrecy. Also, Carl has nightmares about Tom; Viv enters the twins into the Hotten Courier beautiful baby contest; Chas gets back from holiday.


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