Chas is hurt by Carl's rejection and at Paddy's birthday party she snogs Eli in a bid to wind him up. Chas then follows Carl into the toilets and begs him to give their relationship a chance. Carl gives in to her kisses, but when Chas mentions bringing Rosemary down for Tom's murder, he panics. He and Chas have a furious row and, when Eli steps in, the police are called and he and Eli are arrested. Paddy is in strop when he discovers that Rita has laid on a surprise birthday party, against his wishes. Paddy tries to leave the party early but Donna and Marlon convince him to stay and instead he sulks in the kitchen. Rita is hurt and she storms off, leaving her present to him - a set of stripper's tassles! Kelly is excited about her job as a promotions girl for the racing team but Jimmy is less than enthusiastic. He worries what she'll get up to on her travels when she's surrounded by millionaire racing drivers, but Kelly reassures him. She tells him that their marriage plans aren't in question but they'll have to put off their nuptials until her return. Also, Debbie decides to redecorate the cottage.


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