Debbie hides her hurt at being abandoned by Eli the previous night and when Chas questions their relationship, Debbie makes out that it was a one-off. Chas realises Eli has feelings for Debbie and warns her to put Eli straight. When Debbie sees Eli she doesn't hold back and viciously tells him that he's a loser. Eli is gutted but he takes his emotions out on Debbie's stolen goods and smashes them up. Jasmine is pleased to have done Paddy a good turn when her article about Hari cheating the practice customers makes the front page of the Hotten Courier. But she's horrified to realise that McNally has rewritten her piece to implicate Paddy in the scam. Paddy is livid and he takes his anger out on Rita for suggesting the idea. Paddy suggests that he and Rita take a break while he sorts out his crisis-hit business. Marlon and Donna can barely contain their excitement at finally being able to take on Lilith's four boys and they bid the caravan a welcome farewell as they prepare to move into their new home. Also, Rosemary tries to turn Perdy against Paul for spilling the beans to Gray about her medication.


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