Eli is stung when Debbie doesn't apologise for her hurtful comments and instead demands the return of her stolen belongings. Debbie is furious when a grinning Eli reveals her smashed up stuff. Eli gets drunk and rolls into Marlon and Donna's just as they're welcoming Lilith's boys. Eli surveys the happy family and jealously warns his brother that he could ruin his happiness at any moment. Paddy is in an impossible muddle over the business and he's thankful when Chas offers to put her business degree to good use and help him out. Chas suggests that Paddy distance himself from Hari by buying him out. Paddy visits Hari in prison and convinces the disgraced vet to sell his share, but Paddy is forced to pay over the odds for it. Perdy receives a letter from the surrogacy agency and she's keen to forge ahead, but a worried Gray wants her to give herself time to come to terms with her hysterectomy before she takes on more stress. The couple agree to go on a mini-break to think things through, but Rosemary secretly plots to sabotage their trip. Also, Donna teases Louise about toyboy Jamie.


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