Perdy starts packing for her trip but she has a fright when she discovers a mysterious pile of babygrows and hysterically accuses a bemused Betty of leaving them there when she was cleaning. Gray reveals that he found the babygrows in the attic and asks Perdy where she got them from. Perdy insists on her innocence and when she accuses Rosemary of planting them to freak her out, an exasperated Gray cancels their trip. Marlon is forced to take Eli down the pub when he makes another veiled threat to tell Donna the truth about the armed robbery. Donna is unimpressed to find Marlon boozing when he's supposed to be making a picnic for the kids and Eli is smug that he still has a hold over Marlon. Eric is in hiding as he's supposed to be with the council pleading to save Pearl from being evicted. Eric and David realise they need to come up with a story to save them from a public lynching and they decide to pretend to buy the house before nobly agreeing to let Pearl rent. Also, Chas goes debt-collecting for Paddy.


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Memorable dialogue

Duke Woods: "Us Woods' are known for our robust constitutions."
Betty Eagleton: "Terry's stroke must've been a one-off, then."
Pearl Ladderbanks: "It was terrible, he was ever so poorly."
Duke Woods: "You what?"
Betty Eagleton: "Oh, oh, he's all right, now."
Duke Woods: "If my lad's been seriously ill, why didn't you turn to me for help?"
Sandy Thomas: "Betty, dear, there are times when your mouth is marginally bigger than the Humber Estuary."

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