Marlon is weary of Eli constant demands, but he's forced to give Eli, Sam and Shadrach a free fry-up. But when Eli asks to store stolen goods at Tall Trees Cottage, Marlon puts his foot down and tells him that he can't risk jeopardising Donna's career in the police. Marlon gives Eli enough money to hire a van to store the loot and tells him to stop the threats. Perdy is devastated that Gray has cancelled their trip away, as well as turning down their appointment with the surrogacy agency and she vents her frustration at her mother-in-law. Rosemary realises that Perdy is getting close to the brink of a breakdown and she decides to speed up the process. She gets a prescription for malaria tablets and doses Perdy's drink with some crushed up tablets, realising that it will space her out. Eric realises he can come out of the whole Jacobs Fold drama looking a hero when Pearl struggles to find somewhere else to live. Eric tells Pearl that he will buy the cottage himself and give her her old job back at the factory so that she can afford the rent. Also, Duke starts an unenthusiastic Terry on a fitness programme.


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Shadrach Dingle: (to Pearl Ladderbanks) "Let's cut to the chase, I know you're past your sell-by-date but I reckon you're still a goer."
Pearl Ladderbanks: (to Bob Hope) "Has someone left this, Bob?"
Bob Hope: "Yeah, looks like it, yes."
Pearl Ladderbanks: (to Shadrach) "I am more likely to start my own chapter of Hell's Angels than contemplate a tryst with a moth-eaten, old skunk like you."
(Pearl pours beer all over Shadrach, cheered on by her friends)
Pearl Ladderbanks: "That's for being a blight on an otherwise perfect day."

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