David is chuffed when he asks Jasmine out on a second date and she invites him to hers for a drink. But their evening is interrupted when Debbie arrives home and Jasmine asks Debbie to stay for dinner. When Debbie sees Jasmine kissing David goodbye on the doorstep, she confronts her about her secrecy and encourages Jasmine to put her mistakes with Cain behind her and go for it. Pearl is delighted when Eric tells her that he's bought the cottage for her to rent but Betty and Edna are sure that the usually miserly Eric is up to something. Sandy thinks that Eric must have a thing for Pearl to be so generous. Pearl has dinner at Eric's, but with Sandy's words ringing in her ears, she misunderstands Eric when he toasts to their future, and she runs out of the house! Emily learns that there's a job as a nursery nurse up for grabs and she's encouraged to apply by Ashley, Sam and Bob. Debbie points out that Emily won't have a chance at getting the job if it comes out about Emily abducting Sarah. Ashley defends an upset Emily, unwittingly stoking her crush. Also, Gray buys Perdy a kitten to cheer her up.


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