Emily is touched when Sam talks to her about the upcoming anniversary of Alice's death and tells her that he wants to mark the occasion. Emily runs straight to Ashley, who suggests a memorial service, but Sam is angry that Emily has discussed it without asking. Emily takes comfort with Ashley, but she misreads the situation and tries to kiss him. A horrified Ashley pushes her away and she's mortified. Pearl is still terrified that Eric has romantic intentions and she gets Ashley to call in sick at the factory for her. But when a still guilty David spots her in the shop and tells her that Eric values her, it sets her thinking and she tells a horrified Betty and Edna that she's realised she has feelings for her boss! Terry is grumpy as Duke starts him on his fitness programme and he's relieved when Duke's neighbour Andrea turns up in the village and provides a distraction. Terry insists that Andrea stay over the night at the B&B and she readily accepts. Also, Jasmine takes Debbie's advice and has a fun day out with David.


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