Emily goes missing and when Paul and Sam find out about Emily's attempt to kiss Ashley, the three men worry that she may do something silly. Remembering her suicide attempt at the lake, they race to find her but they discover a safe Emily, who only came to the lake to think. Ashley reveals that he put in a good word for Emily at the playgroup and has got her an interview. Terry gets a cricket bat for TJ with the intention of teaching him how to play, but Andrea flirtily says that she'd like to learn, too. Louise encourages Terry to have fun with Andrea, but Terry finds himself competing with Duke, who invites himself along. Terry is embarrassed when he ends up smashing a window in the cricket pavilion. Luke is upset when he overhears Donna and Marlon talking about his mum's upcoming trial and when Eli finds Luke pinching biscuits from the Hopes' van, he has a chat with him. Eli is curious to learn that Lilith seems set for a long stretch and he formulates a plan. Also, Sandy and Betty decide to go on a campervan holiday around Europe.


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