Marlon and Donna take the boys to the court, expecting Lilith to be sent down, but they're stunned when the case falls through as the main prosecution witness has done a runner. Marlon and Donna are heartbroken to realise that the kids will go back to their mum, while Eli is suspiciously unsurprised about the disappearance of the witness. Emily is delighted when she gets the job at the playgroup but her happiness doesn't last long. Andy brings Sarah to the nursery and he's horrified to see her working there. He threatens to withdraw Sarah and talk to the other parents unless Emily resigns. Emily feels totally unwanted and tells Sam that she wants to leave the village. Terry cautiously agrees to lunch with Andrea and they relax in each other's company. But the mood is spoiled when Ashley turns up and mentions Dawn's memorial service. Andrea realises that Dawn was TJ's mum and she regretfully decides that, with all the complications, the time isn't right for them to start a relationship. Also, Bob is distracted as the anniversary of Dawn's death approaches.


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