Marlon and Donna are devastated as they say goodbye to the boys, who are going to start a new life in Ireland with Lilith. When a smug Eli turns up, Lilith thanks him for his 'help'. Marlon and Donna decide that with the boys gone, they should try for their own family. But Eli frustrates their plans for a romantic evening in when he arrives unannounced. Ashley holds a memorial service for the victims of the house collapse but TJ can't quite understand what's going on and he's heartbroken when he realises that his mum isn't at the service. Duke buys TJ a balloon to give to his mum to release into the sky and Terry is touched by Duke's thoughtfulness. Jack books Diane into a spa for some pampering before the emotional memorial service. But when she learns that Billy and Val will be returning from their hols the following day, she's desperate to take her mind off Billy and she asks Jack to go for a drink with her in Hotten. Diane is disappointed when he has too much work. Also, Ashley talks to Andy about letting Emily stay at the playgroup.


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