Carrie and Matthew return from their business trip, but the Kings' family dinner is interrupted by a surprise guest. Rodney tries to turn away a mysterious female but she climbs in through an open window, ripping her dress off in the process. The Kings rush to investigate the disturbance and find the stranger in the kitchen dressed in only her underwear. Carrie is horrified and introduces her sister Lexi to the family. Also, Jo and Sam take her goat produce to market, but she's concerned by Andy's continued ignorance. Sam congratulates Jo on her progress, but their spirits wane when sales are low. As the day comes to a close, Jo finally secures a big sale on her goats milk and the buyer promises he'll be coming back for more in the future. With things looking up for Jo she is glad to see Andy arrive to support her. Meanwhile, Jamie and Terry engage in a battle of wits in front of Louise. Bob explains to his son that Terry will be uncomfortable given his history with Louise and is proved right when he reacts badly to them kissing later on. He asks them to respect him and TJ by employing some discretion, but when he questions Louise later she kindly tells him to butt out.


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