Carl heads out for his date with Barraclough but she's guarded with him at first. She asks why he's been playing games and tries to discover who Tom's killer is. Avoiding the issue, Carl invites her to his hotel room where they sleep together. Barraclough tells him that things have to stop but her argument fades when he kisses her again. Elsewhere, Paddy asks Gray to look at Matthew's contract but Rosemary warns him against partnership with the Kings. Instead she presents Paddy with her own offer and asks him to make a decision by the day's end. Paddy decides to accept, much to Matthew's displeasure and he warns Rosemary to expect a backlash. With arguments raging around him, Chas hands in her resignation, leaving Paddy standing between Rosemary and the Kings. Also, Kelly fears she's put on weight, a thought that the stylist confirms when she arrives for her photo shoot. Desperate to impress, Kelly tells Scarlett she's going on a diet. Meanwhile, Jimmy feels left out by her new environment after he's mistaken for her father.


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