The villagers are shocked to meet the new owners of Home Farm, the renamed Miffeld Hall. Meanwhile, Donald is worried as Clive is to remain in prison until his trial which could be years, and he may be sentenced to ten years.


Annie witnesses an NY Estates truck with a caravan attached heading towards Home Farm. Amos wakes up with chicken pox. Trevor and Paula Thatcher arrive and set up. Sam complains to Joe about pigeons ruining his leeks for the village show. Annie invites Amos to stay at the farm until he's better. Sam's not happy to discover Amos will be staying in the attic. Trevor and Paula decide to walk into the village and get lost. They bump into Seth who escorts them. They arrive in The Woolpack and introduce themselves as the new managers of the estate to Henry. Henry finds out that Amos has caught chicken pox from Seth's son, who was recently in the pub. Donald arrives home. Dolly calls at The Woolpack to see if she can help Henry with any jobs. Trevor gets lost on the way back to Home Farm in his car, he asks Sam and Seth for directions again. Donald tells Annie that Clive might get ten years in prison if he's convicted of smuggling drugs into Greece. He's to remain in prison until the trial which could be years away. She invites him up to the farm for tea. Henry informs Marian that his aunt has died and rings to see if she can make the funeral; she declines. He admits to Dolly he's been feeling restless in Beckindale for a while and wonders if he should join Marian in Rome. Dolly's shocked.


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