Kelly has morning sickness and she's set off when Jimmy cooks her a full breakfast. Scarlett finds her being sick and worries that Kelly may have bulimia. When Scarlett confronts her, she's forced to admit that she's pregnant and she tells the teenager that she's considering having an abortion without telling Jimmy. Pearl gets excited about her 'date' with Eric at the theatre, but when she checks on arrangements she's horrified to find out that Eric thought the two tickets were both for him and he's asked a member of the council! Pearl accuses Eric of leading her on and he's horrified by the suggestion and insists that he was never attracted to her. Jasmine is cross when she sees David flirting with Lexi and she turns down his offer of another driving lesson. Jasmine questions why David bought her a car and she explains that after being led on by Cain she struggles to trust men. David tries to win Jasmine's trust by confessing that he and Eric have owned Jacobs Fold all along but Jasmine is horrified by the news. Also, Paul and Jonny decide to move in together.


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