Carrie is suspicious when it's clear that Lexi has obviously hidden something in the sofa and she finds a wallet stuffed down the back. Lexi arrives in the nick of time and snatches the wallet from Carrie's hands then hides in the bathroom. Carrie corners Lexi and when she discovers that it's dead Colin's wallet she's appalled and tells her to get out of the house. A sympathetic Val takes her on at the pub, where she and Chas learn that Colin was one of the MacFarlane crime family, and his widow Brenda is on the warpath. David is miserable that the whole village have taken against him after finding out about his and Eric's deception over Jacobs Fold. Meanwhile, the factory staff continue their strike in support of Pearl. David stands up to his dad and he points out that the factory is in big trouble with production stopped and a reluctant Eric agrees to give Pearl her job back - especially when Pearl confronts him and he has a close call with a sewing machine needle! David tells Jasmine about his success in forcing Eric to do the right thing, but he's disappointed when she makes it clear that she won't consider getting involved with him again. Also, a worried Grayson returns early from his business trip to take care of Perdy. Rosemary suggests she should be institutionalised for her own sake. Kelly continues to hide her pregnancy from Jimmy as she moves closer to having an abortion.


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